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Chapter 1  Installation and attention

1.1  Maintenance

1.2  Statement

1.3  Safety Precaution

1.4  Product Instruction

1.5  Cable connectionDMX

1.6  Rigging (Optional)

Chapter 2  Panel operation

2.1  Brief

2.2  Operation

2.2.1 Operate light with touch or KEY

2.2.2 Parameter value setting

2.2.3 Boolean parameter setting

2.2.4 Sub MenuParameter

2.3  Operation and parameter instruction

2.3.1 ADDR--> Address: Set DMX Address

2.3.2 MODE--> WorkMode: Set Light work mode

2.3.3 DISP-->DISPLAY: Set display

2.3.4 TEST--> TestMode

2.3.5 ADVA-->Advanced: Set light run parameter

2.3.6 STAT-->Status: View status

Chapter 3  Channel description

3.1  Channel table

3.2  Channel Detail

3.2.1 COLOR Detail

3.2.2 GOBO Detail


Chapter 1  Installation and attention 

1.1  Maintenance

To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.

Intermittently using will extend this item’s service life.

Please clear the fan ,fan net , and optical lens in order to keep good work state.

Do not use the alcohol or any other organic solvent to wipe the shell.

1.2  Statement

The product has perfect performance and integrity packing. All users should be strictly complying with the warning and operating instructions as stated. Or we aren’t in charge of any result by misusing. Any damage resulting by misuse is not within the Company’s warranty. Any fault or problem caused by neglecting the manual is also not in the charge of dealers.

   Note: All information is subject to change without prior notice.

1.3  Safety Precaution

In order to guarantee the product’s life, please don’t put it in the damp places or even the environment over 60degress.

Always mount this unit in safe and stable matter.

Install or dismantle should operate by professional engineer.

Using lampthe change rate of power voltage should be within±10%If the voltage is too highit will shorten the light’s life; If it’s not enough, will influence the effect.

Please restart it 20 minutes later after turning off light , until full-cooling. Frequent switching will reduce the life span of lamps and bulbs; intermittent using will improve the life of bulbs and lamps.

In order to make sure the product is used well, please read the Manual carefully.

1.4  Product Instruction

lamp:  MSD 380w (life:2200 hours Color temperature: 8000K)

Channel mode:16 DMX512 Channel

Pan scan540°(16bit) Electric correction

Tilt scan270° (16bit) Electric correction

Amazing dot matix, four tact switch, 180° turning show

Color wheel: one color wheel, 14 kinds of color chips in one color wheel

Gobo: 14 gobos

Effect Wheel:  Rotation eight prism, effect move , frost

0-100% mechanical dimming, mechanical dimming and free dimming available.

strobe macro control available.   

Lens optical system achanical fouce .beam angle 0

Over heat protection

Power Input: 100-240V50/60Hz

Power Dissipation600W

IP level :IP20

Magnetic ballast and AC/Dc power supply

Product Size313×248×510mm

Packing Size: 635X440X725

Net weight15.5KG

1.5  Cable connectionDMX

Use a cable conforming to specifications EIA RS-485: 2-pole twisted, shielded, 120Ohm characteristic impedance, 22-24 AWG, low capacity. Do not use microphone cable or other cable with characteristics differing from those specified. The end connections must be made using XLR type 3 or 5-pin male/female connectors. A terminating plug must be inserted into the last projector with a resistance of 120Ohm (minimum 1/4 W) between terminals 2 and 3.

IMPORTANT: The wires must not make contact with each other or with the metal casing of the connectors. The casing itself must be connected to the shield braid and to pin 1 of the connectors.

Figure 1  DMX Cable connection

1.6  Rigging (Optional)

This equipment can be positioned and fixed by clamp in every direction of the stage. Locking system makes it easy to fasten to the bracket.

Attention! Two clamps is needed to fix the equipment. Every clamp is locked by fastener of 1/4 kind. Fastener can only be locked clockwise.

Attention! Fasten a safety string to the additional hole of side aluminum piece. The secondary accessory can not hang on the delivery handle. Nip the equipment on bracket.

Check if rigging clamp (not including the one inside) damaged or not? If stand ten times weight as the equipment. Make sure the architecture can stand ten times weight as all the equipments, clamps, wirings and other additional fixtures.

Screws for clamping must be fixed firmly. Take one M12 screw (Grade 8.8 or higher) to clamp bracket, and then screw the nuts.

Level the two hanging points at the bottom of clamp. Insert fastener to the bottom, lock the two levers by 1/4 rotating clockwise; then install another clamp.

Install on safety string which stands at least ten times weight as equipment. Terminal of the accessory is designed for clamps.

Make sure pan/tilt lock unlocked or not. Keep the distance more than 1M from equipment to flammable material or lighting source.


Figure 2  Installation

Chapter 2  Panel operation

2.1  Brief

The light panel diagram show as Figure 3, Left area is TFT Displayer, support touch, and right area is KEY, both of touch and KEY can operate light and setting.

Display & operation just like Android operation system’, touch the item will set or modify setting. 

Note: Prevent damage the touch or TFT displayer, Can not use sharp objects chick displayer. 


Figure 3  Panel diagram

2.2  Operation

2.2.1 Operate light with touch or KEY

The left area is TFT Displayer and touch, chick item or value with finger will to complete operation of set light setting(parameters) or view light state.

The area on the right hand side is 4 KEY, As auxiliary input interface, if  disable touch function,, the KEYr can been choose to set the parameter.

2.2.2 Parameter value setting

When the selected item is value need to been modified, the dialog shown in Figure 4 will popup.


Figure 4  Dialog of value setting

Modify valueCan quickly modify value via pull the slider to the desired position, or click  the button of up or down whit finger on the right side to set the exact desired value, another way is roll encoder on the right hand side of panel.

Apply valueWhen Value had been modified, Then press the bottom of apply in the left corner to apply to the light, but havt saved

Save ValueAny time, click on the lower right corner of the "OK" button, the setting will been saved into internal memory.

2.2.3 Boolean parameter setting




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